Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A continuation from yesterday.

Yesterday I mentioned about snowboarding games, which boils down to: arcade-trick style (SSX, Amped), tech style (Shaun White [regular - not Road Trip], Shaun Palmer, 1080) and back country style (Stoked).

I should elaborate it further:
Those arcade-trick style like SSX tends to have absurd tricks (to the point of physically impossible) - little more than a button-masher on a snowboard. Graphics and plot also tends to be a bit cartoonish.
Tech is also about mad tricks but more realistic. Those are the frestyler in the snow park.
Back country style is about the freedom. The freeride down the mountain is what it is about.

So it is essentially park vs freeride.

Monday, December 29, 2008

On snowboarding games

As of now Ubisoft has published Shaun White Snowboarding, all is good. At the same time, some unknown developed named Bongfish announced another game simply named Stoked.

Based on what I read it is all back country snowboarding. You ride alone; you are the hardcore snowboarder; you are the hero on the mountains.

And all hell broke lose.

Now gamers are debating which style of snowboarding is better. Between arcade-trick style (SSX, Amped), tech style (Shaun White, 1080) and back country style (Stoked, as mentioned above).

This is just the beginning - Shaun White Snowboarding is nearly guaranteed to have a sequel.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Spore and the wisdom

Spore has finally come out.
Despite its relative non-violence of this video game, it still has its own share of controversy - whether it is a game of evolution or a game of intelligent design. EA and Maxis chose to be ambiguous about it.

Now for a recap of what it is: The game is divided into five phase. In the first two phase, Tide Pool Phase and Creature Phase, you evolve your creature using DNA points, gained by eating meat and/or plant. You can add parts that are available throughout these two phases.

Tribal Phase and Civilization Phase evolves the creature into a society and into space. Space Phase puts you into a UFO and, well, allows you to put creatures, create new world, terraform, and tweak creature, like God did.

Here is the problem:

Evolution: you start out as a aquatic cell, adding legs and parts so that you can hunt other creature, and not being hunted. Later you get legs and get onto land and eventually gain sentience and formed a community.

Intelligent design: You, the player, dictates how the creature evolve. Not to mention pace Phase puts you into a UFO and, well, allows you to put creatures, create new world, terraform, and tweak creature, like God did.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Sunday, July 06, 2008

People playing DS

DS Oynayan 75 Milyondan 205 Resim

Of course many pictures are staged, but strong photo nonetheless.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, I have not updated this blog for a while.

Stuff that happened:
  • A lot of rain
  • CBC Radio One: For some reason I found myself listen to CBC Radio a lot.
  • The World Ends with You. *Open up your senses*
  • Video Games Live is back. This time it is free. Imagine 5000 nerds standing in Dundas Square listening to an orchastra.
  • Guitar Hero: On Tour. Heck, quite an odd game, and you cannot copy it...you HAVE to buy it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Many years ago back in high school (like 2000) someone told me: "You would look cool, very cool, on a snowboard." I responded with a laugh. I was not a active person. Plus, I did not know anyone who snowboards (except a few).

Fast forward.

It is now March 2008. In 2006-07 the winter was dry - no snow at all in December 2006. Many wondered it would be the same in future. Second fewest snowfall in record.

This winter all we talk is just snow, hell lots of it. We are just 15cm short of record with one more month to go.

Also, I have been working for a year now. The company arranged a ski trip. (rather, snowboard trip - more people opted for snowboard than ski, including our COO)

Might as well try it for once - And got pwned by the board.

Maybe I should really learn snowbaording.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Today at Orbit

Well, no longer Orbit. It is Playscape now :p

So I saw MaxX, who is supposed to boycott Orbit, but apparently he is there for Maximum Tune 3. Wonder how many battle stars he got.

And Khoa, who yelled out Diu lei loh moh out of frustration when he failed the stage in IIDX. The thing is, he is not even Chinese. Very funny.