Friday, March 30, 2007

The Art of Wii

Nintendo of Canada has announced a sweeptake which gives out six Wii with different hand-painted custom skin, painted by different Canadian artists. You know, Canadian s do not see such draw often. (I like the one made by UDON artist Arnold Tsang. The one with coins, 1-up mushrooms, and pipe and the graffiti artist holding the Wiimote and nunchuk.)

As of now, almost five months, Wii (and sanity) is still in short supply. Yea many people will be signing up for the draw instead of waiting in line... whatever.... (Including me.. like I can win it :p)

Monday, March 26, 2007


A friend who is in the army posted a picture of this notice on facebook:
(Note: A padre is the military chaplain, usually Christian, hence confession)

Confession Waiting Area

Please indicate whom you
are confessing to:

Military Police

Note: Only the Padre will forgive you.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cooking Mama

A continuation from last post.

Yesterday I talked about Wii that is popular among females. One of the games that is a must-play is Cooking Mama. Cooking Mama was originally developed for Nintendo DS.

I heard that many females, once tried the game from their friends, immediately got addicted by the game, and eventually bought Nintendo DS themselves. In other words, the game boosted the sale of DS. The game was a sold out for a while, and as Wii was on market, the game was ported to Wii as well.

What is the game about anyway? As the name imply, cooking.

I never played the game, but had seen enough ladies playing in the subway. Saw them writing on the screen with the stylus, and on the screen was vegetables being chopped down.

Another screen was a bowl of hot water. I bet she needed to put the ingredients in at the right time. I thought what was the game so good? IF you wanted to cook, do it in your kitchen, for real.

The reality is that those female friends who are playing the game do not know how to cook. Well, similarly, those males who loves Winning Eleven, probably do not touch a soccer ball.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Saw this in a life column in newspaper. Might as well translate it and post it here.

Original author's blog is here. His published columns will be posted there.

Nintendo's new gaming console Wii is getting popular everyday; it is reported that even the politicians are the Premier of Republic of China, Su Tseng-cheng, is playing it everyday after work. (Source)

More and more of my friend have either bought, or planned to buy Wii. Notice that thise friends are all females. They like the interactive games like playing tennis, bowling, cooking.It can be seen that the Wii from Nintendo successfully opened the gaming market for females apart from traditional male market.

I even have a friend immediately bought stocks from Nintendo after playing Wii, as she thought Wii is definitely a runaway success which means profit for Nintendo.

Back in 1980s Nintendo released its first cartridge console named Famicom, which is short for Family Computer. It successfully put console gaming into family room. The next console, was naturally named Super Famicom.

However, all mainstream console gamers are still dominated by males. Nintendo had hoped to mke a console for everybody through the GameBoy line of handhelds. For this time, Wii has finally paved the way for female market for Nintendo. Perhaps wii should be called Femicom.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I am never big fan of DotA, or Warcraft 3, for that matters.

but this is really funny, the DotA song.