Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A continuation from yesterday.

Yesterday I mentioned about snowboarding games, which boils down to: arcade-trick style (SSX, Amped), tech style (Shaun White [regular - not Road Trip], Shaun Palmer, 1080) and back country style (Stoked).

I should elaborate it further:
Those arcade-trick style like SSX tends to have absurd tricks (to the point of physically impossible) - little more than a button-masher on a snowboard. Graphics and plot also tends to be a bit cartoonish.
Tech is also about mad tricks but more realistic. Those are the frestyler in the snow park.
Back country style is about the freedom. The freeride down the mountain is what it is about.

So it is essentially park vs freeride.

Monday, December 29, 2008

On snowboarding games

As of now Ubisoft has published Shaun White Snowboarding, all is good. At the same time, some unknown developed named Bongfish announced another game simply named Stoked.

Based on what I read it is all back country snowboarding. You ride alone; you are the hardcore snowboarder; you are the hero on the mountains.

And all hell broke lose.

Now gamers are debating which style of snowboarding is better. Between arcade-trick style (SSX, Amped), tech style (Shaun White, 1080) and back country style (Stoked, as mentioned above).

This is just the beginning - Shaun White Snowboarding is nearly guaranteed to have a sequel.