Sunday, March 16, 2008


Many years ago back in high school (like 2000) someone told me: "You would look cool, very cool, on a snowboard." I responded with a laugh. I was not a active person. Plus, I did not know anyone who snowboards (except a few).

Fast forward.

It is now March 2008. In 2006-07 the winter was dry - no snow at all in December 2006. Many wondered it would be the same in future. Second fewest snowfall in record.

This winter all we talk is just snow, hell lots of it. We are just 15cm short of record with one more month to go.

Also, I have been working for a year now. The company arranged a ski trip. (rather, snowboard trip - more people opted for snowboard than ski, including our COO)

Might as well try it for once - And got pwned by the board.

Maybe I should really learn snowbaording.