Saturday, December 02, 2006

Must resist the urge of buying Wii

So I change my MSN tag to "Must resist the urge of buying Wii" to see how will my friends respond. Here they are:

" just like... put all your money into GIC and throw away all credit card... hey or you can just go out and buy the Wii?" (not buying)
"Why resist?" (bought Wii)
"notice my pic? :D" (bought both PS3 and Wii)
"<:o) I have no urge for a wii. I need power!"(not buying)
"lol" (not buying)
"lol, everyone will have the Wii eventually >=)" (not buying Wii yet)
"dont wanna buy wii eh" (bought Wii)
"give into wii" (bought both PS3 and Wii)
"uh huh" (not buying)
"just go and buy one" (not buying)

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