Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gears of War, Manhunt 2 and J. Thompson

So one of the little girl (not even in high school yet - but I won't say the name here) I know from church posted a picture of her Facebook account:

A screenshot of Gears of War, apparently taken in her home. (the 360 is probably not hers, though - probably her friends bringing the 360 to her home and started fragging).

I ain't no Jack Thompson, but I simply cannot comprehend of such a girl like her playing Gears of War. But then, I played Doom II when I was at her age.

I don't like Jack's attitude, but he has a point. Those violent game are not for kids. And Jack won this time : Manhunt 2.

So ESRB slapped Manhunt 2 with an AO rating, effectively banning it. Personally I do NOT want the game to be published at all. The theme of the game just make me sick. Now that Jack has it. I wonder what will the outcome be. For Take Two, it might be the best to tone down the content. (No reason to mothball the project, IMO, even though I do not want to see the game)

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