Wednesday, April 08, 2009

End of the snow season...

I am back from Vancouver two weeks ago as I wrote this. Looking back of last winter it almost sounded like a dream.
I only thought of taking snowboarding class just after the season actually started (in December, around Christmas) and actually put it into action in New Year. In any case, the New Year's Resolution is kind of completed. Certainly I did not thought of ending the season in Whistler.
I had the vacation days, and some spare money: why not take the chance and see the outside world - the really big mountain, which does not exist in Ontario. So I did.

By now the snow season *should* have ended in Ontario, especially when it stopped snowing mid-February.
(Apparently not for Blue Mountain... the place got a feet of snow on Monday and they announced that the place will be open in Easter - admitting that the snowstorm is unseasonal.)

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